Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Political stunt on " Flood Relief fund" to Farmers in A.P

It is urprising that, opposition parties are taking endue advantage by racking the flood relif  compensation issue.

The  leading parties are staging " Hunger Strike" as drama and drawing the attention of whole electronic and press which these parties are getting notice by the whole world.

in one word at the cost of  farmers life, they are getting the milege without spending one penny and for nothing.

On other hand :  A.P Govt has announced  very good  package for farmers for various damages like crop damamge, fishing boat and net damage, Lost of cattle etc,. The compensation is been doubled with respect to previous years. and i have noticed it to be highest in the last 10 yrs, and higher than any other state in INDIA.

 I as a educated and Citizen of INDIA, suggest and expect from all the political parties leaders and cadre, social development organisations, non-profitable volunteered organisations, NGO's and othe rural development bodies and Institutions should  alert/educate/motivate/guide theire team/volunteers/workers/cadre etc,... to  visit all those flood effected villages and areas in Andhra Pradesh. should meet the farmers and educate them on the relief fund been announced by Govt. and also help them in reaching the concern officials and govt Dept. in order to encash the funds and get encuraged for further activities...

By doing this all the above said partners will get noticed  at first sight by the beneficieries and it may get them soft corner for future Elections.

Believe me if every so called political  party leaders think and act, no sooner the India can stand No.1 in all the fields on GLOBAL Market as a model.